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The Cabinet combines the expertise of legal counsel with its precise knowledge of the practice and evolution of the law by local jurisdictions.



You acquire a company, shares, all or part of a business.

Do you only know the potential risks associated with the operation ?

Only after a thorough legal audit is the acquirer able to form an idea of the company’s value and the potential risks associated with the proposed transaction.

The firm regularly carries out legal audits in various sectors of activity. We carry out an in-depth analysis of one or several contracts, of a very precise business situation. Our conclusions are generally intended to help the leaders to diligent safely actions, to standardize an agreement and to better organize its development policy. These audits generally concern the analysis of companies’ litigation risk.

In general our analysis focuses on:

  •    ● The company’s patrimony and property titles,
  •    ● The ownership, transferability and pledge of shares,
  •    ● Current commercial contracts,
  •    ● Other external contracts of the company, including with service providers,
  •    ● The company’s internal contracts, its articles of association and the rules applicable to corporate bodies,
  •    ● The status of legal and administrative proceedings in progress, disputes in the process of settlement and potential disputes,
  •    ● Industrial property rights, trademarks, patents or licenses, including ownership of the trademark bearing the company name,
  •    ● The company’s indebtedness to third parties and any security granted,
  •    ● A social audit, including regulations, collective agreements, the regularity of hiring and firing,
  •    ● The licenses, permits and authorizations necessary for the company’s activity,
  •    ● Insurance policies, their validity, claims covered and reported in the past,
  •    ● Other obligations under administrative law, customs law, environmental law, etc.