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The Cabinet combines the expertise of legal counsel with its precise knowledge of the practice and evolution of the law by local jurisdictions.



The firm NFM assists its clients both in consulting and in litigation, The team deals with the whole of the classic issues related to relationships, individual and collective of labor law and social security law: duration and arrangement of working time, financial social law or criminal labor law.

The team also has solid expertise on all issues related to occupational health.

Our areas of intervention include:

Collective labor relations

• Collective bargaining
• Advice and assistance on the social consequences of restructuring operations: assignment, merger, job protection plan.
• Advice and assistance in the negotiation and conclusion of collective agreements and company collective settlements.
Establishment of agreements for the organization of working time.
• Collective conflict management.

Individuals Labour relations 

• Drafting of employment contracts.
• Social management of detached or expatriate employees.
• Negotiation and drafting of transactional agreements.
• Implementation of statutes of leaders.

Labor Criminal Law 

• Advice and assistance on the penal consequences for breach of the rules of health and safety as well as on the duration of the work, loan of illicit labor and crime of haggling.

Occupational health 

• Management of the legal issues related to the physical inaptitude of the employee.
• Management of the risks related to the application of the legislation in the matter of hygiene, safety and working conditions as well as the questions the commitment of the employer’s civil and criminal liability.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

• Assistance in the identification of legal risks to companies wishing to implement a CSR policy.

Social Security Law 

• Advice to companies as part of the process of recognizing the professional nature of the accident or illness.
• Challenge of the recognition of the professional nature of work accidents and occupational diseases.

• Advice and assistance of our customers in actions in recognition of inexcusable fault.