Today we will turn to a recurring problem in our society

Repaying a home loan can be tricky for a private sector employee. Because it is a long-term loan (20-25 years) backed by a salary.
It suffices that this salary disappears for the refund to be compromised. This is usually the case for the employee who even temporarily loses his job and is unable to continue to meet the deadlines, which has the effect of making the entire debt immediately payable.
Buying a mortgage based on precarious jobs can be a high risk. For losing one’s job is unfortunately usually synonymous with losing one’s building, whose value is often greater than the amount of the debt.

What to do?

We advise you, if possible to buy and build on own funds (and therefore at your own pace) outside major cities whose price per square meter is sometimes prohibitive ..
If you have already taken out a mortgage or if you want to do it anyway, in case you are under the threat of seizure of your building, it is better to sell it yourself (after expertise) and to repay the bank .

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